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How I Created My Personal AI Robot Jarvis with AI | ML
Mark II is a project where I have made an AI assistant using a microcontroller. Not with a microprocessor. [ MARK III will be based on microprocessors] I did this to create a cheap robot on which the programmer could easily deploy AI.
How to Create a JARVIS with Python & Arduino using AI & ML
My program interacts with Arduino & Python! With the help of Jarvis It was the circuit design that was tricky. I bet hardly anyone could understand it! Using a transmitter and receiver and LDR seems like IOT [internet of things], so I decided ....
Add 300+ Natural voices in your assistant | Python
This code is a script that converts text to speech using the edge-tts tool and plays the resulting audio using the pygame module. The script takes a single argument called data, which is the text to be converted to speech. It first runs the ...
WiFi Hacking Using Node MCU Wifi Development Board
This tutorial guides you through two fascinating techniques: creating a Captive Portal and executing Deauthentication attacks. ...
Talk with ChatGPT using Python With Natural Voice
This code is a voice-controlled AI chatbot. It uses the SpeechRecognition library to listen to the user's voice, convert it to text and send the text as a prompt to the OpenAI API to get a response. The API uses the text-DaVinci-003 ....
10 Cool Python Project Ideas For Beginners in 2023
Here are 10 cool Python project ideas for beginners in 2023 that you can refine and personalize: This code retrieves various system resource usage information on a computer running Python, using the psutil library. ....
How to set up visual studio code for C | C++ 2023
I have created a Python script that automates the environment setup required for Mingw64. This script streamlines the process of setting up the environment for users who want to use the Mingw64 compiler on their machine ....
Text to speech python with 100+ voices
This code uses the fakeyou library to generate a text-to-speech audio file and the winsound library to play the audio file on a Windows operating system. It creates an instance of the FakeYou class, gets a list of available voices, and generates ....
Microsoft text to speech (tts) with python
Reverse engineering is the process of studying a system or device in order to understand how it works and to create a duplicate or substitute for it. Reverse engineering the "Explore Aloud" feature of the Microsoft Edge browser would involve ....
Best Free Tools for Developers 2023 | Extensions
# Chrome extensions: 1. ColorZilla: Pick the color for your webpage >> Link - ColorZilla 2. CSSViewer: Show CSS of the selected section >> Link - CSSViewer 3. Grammarly: Correct your spellings/grammar >> Link - Grammarly ....
Learn selenium Automation with Spotify | Part 1 | Python | AI Assistant
To add advanced features to our Assistant, we use automation, which can be deployed to many different websites, so we're using Spotify as an example; you can use other websites for testing. The video shows an example of Spotify automation. ....
Learn selenium Automation with Spotify | Part 2 | Python | AI Assistant
FOR defining a function download for downloading song or album from the current browser. we will install a library name spotdl. spotdl library used to download songs and albums from Spotify you can install spotdl by doing pip install spotdl ....
Learn selenium Automation with Spotify | Part 3 | Python | AI Assistant
To click() on the SVG icon you can use the following solution: we will install a library name spotdl. spotdl library used to download songs and albums from Spotify you can install spotdl by doing pip install spotdl ....

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