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Serial Communication between NodeMCU and Arduino with webserver!

#DIAGRAM: -- NOTE: REMOVE RX AND TX PIN WHILE UPLOADING CODE OR U WILL FACE ERROR #Setting our UNO - IDE #FOLLOW UP:) 1.OPEN-UNO-IDE: Add this link to the additional board manager URL link:…

Robotic Arm | code arduino & python | Iot

#ABOUT PROJECT #Requirements: Robotic arm 3d Parts:  ≈  600 INR servo motor:  ≈  400  INR Node mcu 8622   ≈ 3 00  INR #EASILY AVAILABLE ON AMAZON #Project divided into 2-parts: PART-1: Basic robotic arm code with python and Arduino PART-2: Robotic …


Backdoor 06 : File Download using python

#File Download: To transfer a file we need to: Read the file as a sequence of characters. Send this sequence of characters. Create a new empty file at destination. Store the transferred sequence of characters in the new file As u can see in the imag…

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