How to Create a JARVIS with Python & Arduino using AI & ML


[VERSION 1.07]


My program interacts with Arduino & Python! With the help of Jarvis

It was the circuit design that was tricky. I bet hardly anyone could understand it! Using a transmitter and receiver and LDR seems like IOT [internet of things], so I decided to use a transmitter instead of Node MCU for the first version.

The GUI was the 2nd most difficult thing to make, it took an entire DACADE

Due to the filter, you can see the dim effect in the video except when recognizing the face due to the machine learning accuracy set at 30%. More improvements will be made in version 2.

The full source code will be posted soon, as it has not been perfected yet. 

# Arduino Circuit Breakdown: View_the_image

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#Making of MARK-I

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# Features Of MARK I
 It can do a lot of cool things, some of them being :
  • Greet user
  • Tell me the current time and date
  • Launch applications/software
  • Open any website
  • Tells about the weather of any city
  • Open the location of any place plus tells the distance between your place and queried place
  • Tells your current system status (RAM Usage, battery health, CPU usage)
  • Tells me about your upcoming events (Google Calendar)
  • Tells about any person (via Wikipedia)
  • Can search for anything on Google
  • Can play any song on YouTube
  • Tells top headlines (via Times of India)
  • Plays music
  • Send an email (with subject and content)
  • Calculate any mathematical expression (example: Jarvis, calculate x + 135 - 234 = 345)
  • Take important notes in your notepad
  • Tells a random joke
  • Tells your IP address
  • Can switch the window
  • Can take a screenshot and save it with a custom filename
  • Can hide all files in a folder and also make them visible again
  • Has a cool Graphical User Interface
# AI Features 
  • Automation
  • Machine learning concept
  • Deep learning concept
  • face recognition
  • gesture recognition
  • Answer any generic question (via WolframAlpha)
# Unique Features 
  • Custom voice
  • Youtube Downloader(Auto Configuration)
  • Change Wallpaper folder/Online API
  • News with custom Genre
  • AI Conversion Tool
  • Extract Audio from the Video
  • Auto contrast image
  • video compressor
  • cricket automate
  • Advance bot mode!
  • Automation and security
  • Voice Opening and closing door
  • Turn LED on/off
  • Different Light intensity
  • Alert User through Motion sensor


KNOW more about Mark II [ ML-AI Based Robot ]

Make Jarvis | AI assistant from scratch with this tutorial.
Concept development from basic to advanced,
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The course is still being worked on!


If you have any doubts, please let me know

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