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Some of the resources I've collected are Remembered so far. I'll be continuously updating this list as I remember. Additionally, I plan to push my code to GitHub soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Resources : 

  1. 300+ voices:
  2. Japanese free voices:
  3. For prompt:
  4. bing api alt :
  5. Vtuber & Assistant :
  6. Eleven labs:
  7. I will push my code in Github soon!

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems continues to push boundaries and redefine possibilities. One such remarkable project is the journey of refining and upgrading Jarvis Mark 2 and 3, where the fusion of cutting-edge automation, versatile voice styles, integrated AI services, and creative animation control has led to groundbreaking innovation. This article explores the journey of integrating insane automation, voice style synthesis, GPT-powered conversation, and animation control through Blender in the creation of a dynamic AI system, with the promise of unveiling a waifu version in the near future.

Insane Automation: A Paradigm Shift

The core foundation of Jarvis Mark 2 and 3 lies in its insane automation capabilities. By leveraging advanced automation techniques, the development process underwent a transformative shift. Automation not only accelerated coding tasks but also facilitated smoother testing and deployment, ultimately leading to quicker iterations and refinement. This streamlined workflow allowed for a more focused approach toward refining other critical components.

Voice Style Synthesis and Integration

One of the notable enhancements in the Jarvis project is the integration of diverse voice styles. The AI's ability to mimic various voices adds a layer of personalization and engagement, making interactions more immersive and relatable. Through meticulous training and optimization, Jarvis can now seamlessly switch between different voice styles, adapting to the user's preference and context. This innovation significantly enriches user experiences, making interactions with AI more natural and captivating.

GPT-Powered Conversation: Unrestricted Interaction

The integration of Bing and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) into Jarvis introduces a new dimension of conversation. The power of GPT allows for unrestricted, context-aware conversations. Users can engage with Jarvis in a more natural manner, making the interactions feel more like genuine conversations rather than simple commands. The dynamic prompts and responses generated by GPT enable Jarvis to provide insightful information, creative suggestions, and even engage in philosophical debates, making the AI a versatile companion for a wide range of interactions.

Animation Mastery with Blender x Python

One of the most ambitious aspects of Jarvis Mark 2 and 3 is the incorporation of animation control through Blender and Python scripting. This integration opens the door to a world of visual storytelling and creativity. Through careful coding and experimentation, the team has enabled Jarvis to control animations, offering a unique way to convey information and emotions. Whether it's visualizing data, explaining complex concepts, or simply adding a touch of entertainment, the animation capabilities of Jarvis redefine how AI communicates and engages with users.

The Road Ahead: Waifu Version Teaser

As the development journey of Jarvis Mark 2 and 3 continues, an exciting teaser looms on the horizon – the introduction of a waifu version. This intriguing concept promises to combine the advancements in voice style synthesis, conversation, animation, and automation into a captivating and personalized AI companion. The waifu version of Jarvis aims to create an emotional connection, catering to individual preferences and needs, and enhancing the AI-human relationship in unprecedented ways.


The evolution of Jarvis Mark 2 and 3 stands as a testament to the boundless potential of AI technology. The integration of insane automation, voice style synthesis, GPT-powered conversation, and animation control through Blender x Python showcases a remarkable convergence of innovation. As the project continues to refine its concepts and code, the future unveiling of the waifu version holds the promise of redefining how we interact with AI on a deeply emotional level. The journey of Jarvis Mark 2 and 3 serves as an inspiration, propelling the AI community toward new horizons of creativity and functionality.

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