Projects From Basic to Advance

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    AI Assistant
  • Programming + Electronics
  • Basic to Advance
  • Please Note: Content is under work. An update will be available soon

  • System Resource usage
  • Website All Link Extractor
  • Show Saved WiFi Password
  • Shortcut key with python
  • Notepad Automation
  • Youtube Automation
  • Change wallpapers!
  • Test Internet Speed
  • Get Computer specs
  • Countdown Timer

    All About ESPCAM32
  • Setup
  • Interaction
  • Python code
  • Please Note: Content is under work. An update will be available soon

    Node Mcu + Arduino with Webserver
  • Serial Communication
  • Setup

    Create | import library in Python
  • Setup
  • With Arduino
  • With Python

    Learn Automation with Spotify Part - 1/2
  • Why Automation
  • By Using Xpath
  • Which is better Xpath OR CSS_SELECTOR?
  • Download function()
  • Adding a song to the playlist function()
  • Difference between Sleep() and Wait()
  • Waits and Action Chains
  • Language : English

This Bot provides information about the project Description

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About Assistant :

The bot is currently being developed working on integrating AI and Stuff, As a result, I embedded it in Webpage for assistant...


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